We provide transcription services from digital and taped recordings promptly with the ease of internet delivery. We transcribe them in a Word format and can be tailored to your needs.



WORDJET provides printed transcripts from various digital formats such as MP3 (preferred file type), MP4, WMA, WAV and many other digital mediums.  Utmost care is used with client data, however, Wordjet cannot be held responsible for accidental loss of information on magnetic storage media such as disks or tapes.


Please call in advance if you require printed copies of transcripts (additional fee).

Files are downloaded in text format.  Each recording will be given its own document.

Q: and A: for interview format.  M: and F: for Male and Female speakers.  Names will be used when provided.

Transcripts will be spellchecked but not proofread.  Inaudible speech will be shown as [UNINTELLIGIBLE].


Generally, the higher the detail, the longer it takes to transcribe the tape.

Very High Detail – Includes everything on the tape.  Every noise, cough, word, vocal stutter, etc.  This is usually what video producers want.  It includes every word spoken and noise made by the “onscreen talent”.  For an interview we usually paraphrase the questions unless the interviewer is onscreen.  Asides, technical and director’s comments are noted like this [TECH TALK].

High Detail – Transcription is done verbatim. It includes repeated phrases, false starts and vocal stutters.

Medium Detail – Transcription is done verbatim but non-speech sounds are eliminated.

Coarse Detail – Is the best choice for a transcript that will be read.  Stutters, false starts, etc. are eliminated so that the transcript reads well.  The content of the recording is not altered.


This depends on several factors.

The recording quality:  Difficult to hear recordings (including sounds like background noise or hum, speakers who are off microphone, eating and chewing near the microphone, outside elements such as wind, traffic, etc.) take much longer to transcribe than clear, well recorded tapes in a controlled environment.

Rate of speech:  A fast speaker will generate more words per hour than a slow speaker.  More words means more typing.  Additionally, fast speakers tend to slur their words together, causing the transcriber to have to pause or repeat to understand what is being said.

Level of refinement:  How closely the transcript must resemble the original recording.


Uploading digital audio recordings to Wordjet’s confidential share file site ( is the best method to send files to us.

EMAIL DELIVERY OF TRANSCRIPT IS THE PREFERRED METHOD (no additional fee).  A messenger fee applies when physical pickup/delivery of the media/transcript is requested.